Let there be light!

My Bishop’s loyal companion Roy Hipkiss took quite a few photos with his smart phone, and this is quite a mysterious one. I appear to be holding a luminous orb!

fiat-luxI seem to be quite intent on something. The direction I am looking is towards the Rood, and I am probably pointing out the statue of Our Lady of Walsingham who looks towards the altar like on some German rood screens. My right hand coincides with the electric light mounted on the wall above the cantoris stalls and makes me look as if I am carrying a very bright light in my hand. The effect is quite amusing.

Bishop Damian wrote in his Facebook entry: Father Chadwick attempts to enlighten me or perhaps is trying to set fire to me. Unfortunately for him – I am clearly either resisting his best effort to enlighten or am just far too wet to catch light!

He then photographed my hanging pyx and choir stalls.

choir-stallsI made most of the things in this chapel. Bishop Damien seemed to be quite impressed with the atmosphere of this chapel. I intentionally designed it with the Arts & Crafts ideal in mind, to which Dearmer adhered fervently. This aesthetic movement at the end of the nineteenth century and up to the outbreak of World War I reacted away from the complex gigantism of the nineteenth century and aimed at something that would be characterised by noble simplicity, sobriety, honesty, homeliness whilst aiming for transcendent elevation.

I am not an architect. I just worked with what I had and with very little in the way of financial resources. I would like to encourage this spirit in our churches and chapels in our Diocese. It just takes good will, hard work and the desire to build up holy places of worship in different places. My Bishop has done something very similar in an outbuilding in his garden, which is now his private chapel of St Nicholas.

It takes vision and a sense of tradition in our little churches. I’m sure that if I can do it, many others can also build up their missions and parishes. I have tried to set the example.

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1 Response to Let there be light!

  1. Rubriciarius says:

    Could this actually be your first miracle Fr. Anthony?

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