Cutty Sark

cutty-sarkThe Cutty Sark will sail again, or at least an exact replica of her will. Here is the website – Cutty Sark Reborn 2 Sail. She was one of the greatest clipper ships ever to sail the oceans and transport tea from China and wool from Australia and New Zealand. Here is the Wikipedia article about her history. This is a refreshing change from the Chinese tycoon who wants to build a replica of the Titanic, with adaptations to modern standards of seaworthiness and safety.

A future Titanic will be for luxury cruises for the very rich. It always causes me pain to see enormous amounts of money blown for expensive hotel rooms, cars, cruises, etc. However, the new Cutty Sark, as described in the site, will have an educational vocation and will also promote the cause of environmentally-friendly sea transport. I like the philosophy of this project.

There are many replicas sailing the seas today. The Hermione (eighteenth-century French frigate) is magnificent. I saw her hull in dry dock in Rochefort some years ago. Two replicas have been built of the Bounty, commanded by the notorious Captain Bligh (quote from the 1962 film):

Now don’t mistake me. I’m not advising cruelty or brutality with no purpose. My point is that cruelty with purpose is not cruelty – it’s efficiency. Then a man will never disobey once he’s watched his mate’s backbone laid bare. He’ll see the flesh jump, hear the whistle of the whip for the rest of his life.

No one was whipped for real on either of the two replicas, one built in in 1960 and foundered off the coast of North Carolina during Hurricane Sandy on 29th October 2012. Fortunately there remains another replica which was built for the 1984 film. She is seaworthy and is used for charters and sailing training. Anyone going to the Armada de Rouen on the Seine cannot fail to be impressed by this big gathering of tall ships, mostly used for training seamen and round-the-world regattas. Some come from as far as Russia, Барк Крузенштерн for example. This year, there is a big gathering of ships and yachts, Brest 2016. The ships will sail around the tip of the Finistère on the open Atlantic Ocean. My boat is too small for it!

I look forward to the building and launch of the new Cutty Sark, and yet another tall ship to grace the oceans. May God bless her and all who will sail in her!

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  1. David Llewellyn Dodds says:

    Fascinating – thank you!

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