Bishop Cantor

I have just received news of the death of Bishop Maurice Cantor of the Eglise Sainte-Marie near Rouen. He was born in 1921 near Dieppe and was ordained a Roman Catholic priest at the Abbey of Saint Wandrille. He served for a time in the Archdiocese of Rouen and left in the 1960’s to found an independent community. He was consecrated a bishop in the Eglise Gallicane, and received a sub conditione consecration from Bishop Cornejo-Radavero, a former Roman Catholic auxiliary bishop from Peru.

I met Bishop Cantor several times, and he was always very kind and pastoral, whilst making his policies of keeping his ministry in one place clear. It all seemed to be founded on popular RC devotions, which one would expect in France. The church he founded is well attended by local families, and will long survive its founder. Other bishops were consecrated years ago to ensure the Succession for this community.

I do not think that it would be appropriate for me to attend his funeral, but I will say Mass for Bishop Cantor with prayers for peace and unity between all Christians transcending differences of doctrine and culture. I have always admired this little Church from a distance, but never with hostility.

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2 Responses to Bishop Cantor

  1. Rubricarius says:

    Yes indeed, memory eternal. I have to confess my complete ignorance as I had never heard of him. Bishop Cantor must have been a good thing.

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