Shiver me timbers!

shiver-me-timbersThree-cornered hats cause not a little amusement at sailing gatherings. No, I haven’t had a haircut! It’s all tied up. The lifejacket and mobile phone are anachronistic! The photo was taken in the lock of Guilly Glas between the tidal part of the Aulne and the canal that eventually reaches Nantes.

Priests and sailors can both have fun. Here’s a couple of photos I have just received. In the first, I was helping a boat that had capsized by grabbing things that had fallen into the water. The boat itself was helped back up by one of the accompanying motor boats. The lesson is that you never retract your centreboard completely!


Here I was paddling my boat into the second lock (Chateaulin).


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4 Responses to Shiver me timbers!

  1. Stephen K says:

    Very swashbuckling! Though I’m glad you told us it was a life-jacket, Father: it looked at first glance as though you were wearing a tavern wench’s dress!

    • To lay aloft in a howling breeze
      May tickle a landsman’s taste,
      But the happiest hour a sailor sees
      Is when he’s down
      At an inland town,
      With his Nancy on his knees, yeo ho!
      And his arm around her waist!

      A little daring for a priest, wouldn’t you say?

  2. David Llewellyn Dodds says:

    Delightful three-cornered hat photo! It is interesting to see what arrangement of long hair seems more or less appropriate with which hat, cap, etc. (E.g., I’m not sure any does, with the sort of deerstalkers I have, but in brisk and breezy autumn-to-spring weather practicality trumps appearance for me.) I tend to think a broad-brimmed hat or a Scotch bonnet looks best with any configuration of long hair. (We have a three-cornered hat in the family: should ask to borrow it to experiment, sometime!)

    • Sailing rallies involve quite a lot of mix and match. I was quite 18th century from the neck up but still wearing modern safety equipment and my mobile phone lanyard. Long hair needs to be tied back in windy conditions. I’m not much of a hat wearer in “normal” life.

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