Scathing the Political Left

This has come up from an English journalist by the name of Jonathan Pie. He cusses and swears, really foul language (the reader is warned), and is clearly livid with anger, but the point is made.

I am getting a clear picture of the object of our revolution, not only the Hidden Hand and the banks which are ripping us all off, but also the incapacity of the Left to engage in honest debate instead of shutting up their opponents. The cultural “politically correct” Marxist thought it could gain by heavy-handed tactics, taking its opponents for idiots.

I have doing a lot of reading these last few days to try to understand the Trump phenomenon, the triple crown of fame, money and power. He has got all three with his swaggering showman style from years ago. Mussolini, Goldfinger or Blofeld himself? I don’t think so. In ideological terms, Trump is very centrist, appealing to the ordinary people the champagne Left took for idiots and cash-cows. The day of the election, I “voted” (not legally because I am not American and I don’t live in the US) for Trump in revolt against the champagne Left that was about to give us more of the same bullshit – and lead us into World War III. I am infinitely relieved that Hillary Clinton is out, because it also means the end of the same stuff and the same Hidden Hand here in Europe. We have French politicians talking of impeaching François Hollande. He is dealing with the same demons of hell as Bush, Clinton and Obama.

Trump may also lead us down the garden path, and there may be many disappointed people. He is no saint, no new Constantine for Christian conservatives with bigoted agendas. Decades ago, he would have been seen as a filthy rich pig, but a moderate politician. There is one thing about him that brings hope, at least for a time, to pull politics and his country out of mediocrity and to go the extra mile.

I have already mentioned it. I see Trump as a transition figure in this time of Glasnost in the west, the melting away of the Orwellian ideology that stifles thought and conversation. The nannies are finished. We have to wake up and take our freedom and human dignity back from the demons of hell. Sorry to sound so shrill, but this whole thing has got me going!

It is now for us to engage and start thinking for ourselves. Ooff! The Pit seems at last to be understanding something. It may all be a false spring like Benedict XVI in the RC Church – but we can still hope and pray for the après-Trump.

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17 Responses to Scathing the Political Left

  1. Caedmon says:

    I wonder what is going to happen in America in four years time when the working poor and middle class find that they are as badly off, or maybe even worse?

  2. ed pacht says:

    “the incapacity of the Left to engage in honest debate instead of shutting up their opponents”
    Well…. I make an effort to take a balanced view, and in doing so I find that friends on BOTH the left AND the right. tend to shut me up or to talk over me, and that there are very few indeed who will rationally discuss the issues, and, just incidentally, in my own limited experience, it has seemed to be those on the right that are the loudest and angriest. The better observation is that people have become so divided, so polarized that intelligent discourse is nearly impossible. “Political correctness” is endemic at both ends of the spectrum, and one can easily get in trouble for saying the wrong thing or using the wrong words to the wrong person. There are two mutually exclusive sets of concepts and language, and it can be painful to cross that line.

  3. Dale says:

    What I did find interesting about the profanity laced diatribe of Mr Jonathan Pie is that he will never admit, dialogue or not, that he might just be wrong about Leftism, that their positions might actually be wrong.

  4. The profanity doesn’t bother me unduly, Father. I work in a warehouse where the F word can serve as adjective, noun, and participle, all in one sentence, e.g., “the ****ing ****er’s ****ed” (translation: ” the fool has cooked his goose”.

  5. Mr Pie may not be aware that his F prose is not new, not brave or avant garde. It was very common in certain high circulation anti establishment weekly publications in the 1960’s. When nowadays I read the comments section on Order-Order and a few other online places where similar occurs it all seems dated and rather childish.

    • It all reminds me of the 1970’s. I worked with a very bad-tempered organ tuner (with Harrison’s in Durham) whose response to a difficult pipe (eg. a reed that needed dismantling and cleaning) was: “I canna tune this pipe. (tap, tap, tap) I canna tune this pipe! I canna tune this bastard fuckin’ organ!!!” I sometimes say “shit” or “bloody”, but never the Lord’s name and not the F-word.

      • Dale says:

        It is now possible to research youtube for the responses of the young, and sometimes not so young, who are emotionally distraught over the elections, besides screaming for the death of all white men, it appears that their vocabulary is so limited that the “F” word about sums up their only mode of expression. Very sad.

      • Yes, indeed. There is the generational gap. People of my age resented our elders born in the 1900’s to the 1920’s when they expressed many of the same values as anyone with a bit of experience of life and some moral values. Even so, we in the 1960’s and 70’s would never have gone so far, not even the people who revolted in Paris in May 1968 (and there was a lot of violence). Things are going the other way, even though many of us will keep our long hair (!!!!) – and we have seen that the spoiled brat syndrome can only go so far. I’m a “baby boomer” myself, but I am also old enough to appreciate the wisdom of my grandparents, parents and school teachers.

        Those people need a good night in a police cell and be taught the four truths the next morning… 🙂

  6. Patrick Sheridan says:

    Part of this generational gap is the inability to see people with a dissenting view as an opponent, and not an enemy whose every opinion is totally evil. This is indeed sad. I have my own views, some of them idiosyncratic, and I am by no means a caricature of the “right.” Someone said to me very recently that he/she couldn’t work me out! That is a good thing. At least I am not tribal or predictable.

    • I haven’t answered you yet! Lots of work and things at home. I don’t think you are a caricature of anything. I don’t think many people can “work you out”!!! 🙂 I think they’ll find it hard enough with me. We all like to be free and individual when we have the gift of thinking for ourselves and not following fashions and ideologies.

  7. While I am more amused than shocked by the diction chosen by Mr. Pie to express himself, I am in entire agreement with his argument. I have been following the revelations of, which have indicated that the Democratic candidate for U.S. President had been engaged in a coordinated effort with both the Democratic National Convention (or DNC) and a number of U.S. journalists to rig both the Democratic and Republican nominations. On the one hand, journalists and the DNC had worked to prevent Sanders, who was the more popular candidate, from obtaining the Democratic nomination. On the other hand, Ms. Clinton’s staff worked with U.S. journalists to focus media coverage on any but the most extreme Republican candidates. I commend you and your readers, Fr. Chadwick, to go to either the Wikileaks site, or to those sites which have actually examined and summarized the findings from the leaked e-mails.

    That said, it appears from those e-mails that Ms. Clinton’s plan was ultimately to run against Trump or some other Republican candidate whom she believed she could easily beat. The Podesta e-mails in particular indicate that some time before the presidential campaign had begun, Podesta had put out the call for any ‘dirt’ which could be dug up against Trump. I believe it likely that the unfortunate video of Trump while conversing with one of the execrable Bushes was the result of that call.

    I believe that under normal circumstances, the abovementioned ‘rigging’ would have had realized Ms. Clinton’s expectations. Unfortunately for her, two factors prevented that from occurring: 1) the Wikileaks revelations, as mentioned above; and 2) the willingness of a great number of U.S. citizens who were willing to talk about those revelations, when the overwhelming majority of U.S. news media organs were unwilling to do so.

    In short. Clinton unintentionally created a Frankenstein’s monster in Trump. We will now see what that monster will do, now that it is animated and in the Oval Office of the White House. Under the circs’, as Bertie Wooster would say, I believe that Mr. Pie’s language is temperate in comparison with the enormity which has been foisted upon the people of the United States, and by extension, the rest of the world.

  8. Patrick Sheridan says:

    Bernard, don’t forget that people just don’t like Mrs Clinton. I’m not old enough to remember Mr Clinton’s sexual immorality, but my mother certainly does, and she has never forgiven Mrs Clinton for her self-pitying, everybody-else’s-fault defence of her husband in what is obviously a loveless, “dynastic” marriage that barely produced one child in 40 years.

  9. Patrick, while what you say is true, a substantial proportion of the U.S. population forgave Mr. Clinton his ‘peccadillos’, and an even greater part of the country supported Ms. Clinton’s decision to ‘stand by her man’. And an even greater portion grew long after those events, which happened nearly a score of years ago. This lot never even knew that those events had happened. I believe that that is what Ms. Clinton was counting on: a voting public which had either forgiven or forgotten that past, or never even knew it.

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