Some Really Kooky Stuff

It appears that the Trump victory has brought some really odd stuff on the internet, one is a political ideology called Alt-Right (alternative right). I only heard about this term a few days ago and read various things about its opposition to globalism and other subjects presently discussed between the radical tendencies now coming out of the woodwork and the “smug” establishment conservatism.

All of a sudden, I find myself completely out of my depth with some very hard-core stuff coming from white supremacists in the US and even some form of vindication of aspects of Nazism. It is all very frightening. For the purpose of being informed, I found this in a Google search – Daily Stormer. Sturmabteilung? I do not endorse or approve this site but simply include it as an example for study. It all makes me very cold within. Trump seems quite supportive of Alex Jones, who makes me an Englishman laugh at his exaggerations and caricature of the enterprising American. David Icke is an Englishman, and is less vocal about the “shape-shifting alien reptiles”. I find myself drawn to some ideas expressed by these men, but the ideology taken as a whole seems both frightening and dangerous.

I am confident that the worst excesses will remain marginal, both in the USA and over here in Europe. I am one of the millions to be totally disenfranchised by mainstream politics and media, and now have to be so careful with the alternative as with a bomb in my hand or whatever.

We live in a time when we need to be open-minded to new information – but extremely critical and cautious, doing the best we can to verify things like multiculturalism, globalism and matters that seem to offend against Christian moral teaching. People get so steamed up about single-issues that the only healthy reaction is to disengage and study issues from different points of view. I got quite carried away last week, and I cannot help saying that many will come out of these changes disappointed.

Be sober and vigilant…

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4 Responses to Some Really Kooky Stuff

  1. J.D. says:

    I’m not an Alex Jones guy but I’ve really started to explore Eurasianism and some aspects of the alt-right these days. I’m not that young anymore (35) so I’ve got less excitement over this stuff than some of the younger guys. Had I found the alt right in my early 20’s I guarantee I’d be Gung ho!

    At any rate, times are changing, and people are tired of business as usual. The movers and shakers of America and Europe have taken us to the brink of an abyss. I’m not surprised that things are heating up as the general thinking population starts to slowly wake from its slumber.

    Sadly,violence and chaos are the norm in this fallen world we live in. Short of the return of Christ there will never be anything but a temporary lull in business as usual violence.

    • I have discovered a young man on You Tube who has some very interesting and not excessive ideas, and he is what I would call a “moderate” alt-right. Unfortunately, I would not link to him because he is also an ex-fundamentalist who went over to occultism via atheism. I find that so sad, because he lives out in the country in the state of Vermont and speaks well, is obviously educated and has written a lot of books. He is a passionate gardener, and he would be a “perfect” Romantic! His attitude to work is great: he doesn’t mind working 40 or 80 hours and earning his own living, but would hate to be in employment with a boss and be a cog in the machine. He values his freedom, and is self-employed as I am.

      He doesn’t come over as evil, but the word “Lucifer” means bearer of light – the element of deception by the Father of Lies. So I don’t link to him for this reason, but his political ideas are interesting. If you’re really interested, you can search for “Styxhexenhammer666” on Google.

      Me too, I am not interested in being a tearaway. I am also a priest. I am concerned about multiculturalism but I am not racist. I have no problems with black people, Chinese, etc. – most of whom integrate into the countries where they live. I have no problems with women, but I am concerned about radical feminism. I am concerned about globalism, because it will take away our freedom and make us slaves – but I believe that countries should talk with each other, trade fairly and avoid conflict. I find myself agreeing with many alt-right themes, but we have to be critical and have empathy for other people and respect their rights. I would certainly never join any political movements of this or any other tendency.

  2. David Llewellyn Dodds says:

    Something perhaps generally relevant from a post on a specific topic published 17 November by Alan Dershowitz, Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law, Emeritus, in which he suggests some reprehensible “hard-right” people have supported Donald Trump, “but the bigotry of the hard-left is far more prevalent and influential on many university campuses, both in the United States and in Europe. A single standard of criticism must be directed at each. We must judge individuals on the basis of their own statements and actions, and we should be cautious in judging publications and organizations on the basis of who they publish, who their audience is and who supports them.

    “People of good will […] must condemn with equal vigor all manifestations of bigotry whether they emanate from the hard alt-right or hard alt-left.”

  3. James B says:

    Wise words. Thank you and greetings from the USA!

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