A Time with God

During my recent visit to the north of England, probably the first Sarum Mass ever in this Victorian church.


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4 Responses to A Time with God

  1. David Llewellyn Dodds says:

    Excellently in keeping with Victorian Mediaevalist architecture!

  2. ed pacht says:

    Wonderful picture. I wish I could have been there to serve that Mass.

    • And I would have appreciated having you to serve. I can’t say which church it was so as not to get the Vicar into trouble, but it was one of those occasions like a couple of times I have celebrated in a medieval parish church in France where I installed an organ. Our ministry is discreet and spiritual, like being a sort of Scarlet Pimpernel. Something remains when Mass is said. Communion is restored between Churches without anyone knowing or asking questions.

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