Our Lady of the Atonement

I have been reading about the events of the Anglican Use parish in Texas of Our Lady of the Atonement, built and faithfully served for so many years by Fr Phillips. This good and dynamic priest has been removed by the Roman Catholic bishop who has oversight over that parish.

As an outsider, I make no judgement on a situation about which I have very little information. I just suspect that these goings-on might be expressive of a new wave of intolerance and opposition to “classical” styles of worship that seems to be thriving under Pope Francis. I refer readers to Fr Hunwicke’s Diversity?? (1) [with clarifications] who seems to know a lot more than I do. The number in brackets seems to suggest that more information may be on its way.

It will suffice to say that I express my sympathy and solidarity for Fr Phillips and his flock, and that I will keep them in my prayers as a continuing Anglican priest.

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