Static Website gets an Overhaul

My old static website As the Sun in its Orb has just had an overhaul using a html editor by Microsoft, which I am just beginning to learn to use. I used to use Adobe Dreamweaver but the modern versions that work with Windows 10 are so horribly complicated and geared towards flashy business websites, and ask for monthly payments to keep data on clouds! I have therefore gone ultra-simple.

I have notably added the page on The Blue Flower in anticipation of my first issue in pdf format being published at the end of this month. I have nearly finished my article on Modern Romantic Medievalism, and I have Mathematical Sehnsucht by Fr Jonathan Munn, and I am eagerly anticipating Dr Timothy Graham’s work on William Morris’s medievalism in his essay Art and Labour, and the role that medievalism played across the Romantic spectrum. Each issue will begin with an editorial.

I would greatly appreciate ideas for the Winter Solstice edition, which is only six months away to try to get a fairly unified general theme, perhaps as many as four articles and some book reviews.

Most of the website hasn’t changed its content, but hopefully there shouldn’t be any problems on Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, etc. If so, please let me know.

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2 Responses to Static Website gets an Overhaul

  1. T Graham says:

    Happy to say that the essay is 90% done but don’t raise expectation of the contents Fr Anthony!

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