Infra Dignitatem

Let’s You And Him Fight! – He says that he is flattered that I take him (and his “regular correspondent” of his own invention)  seriously. He knows that he is someone not to be taken seriously.

My own correspondent (who is a real one) says:

I notice that it’s all ad hominem and addresses nothing of the points you make, especially the invalidity of post Vatican II orders. Lazy argumentation and lazy thinking.

As the Irish comedian Dave Allen used to say “May his god go with him“.

* * *

Since writing this, the energumen has written The “Anglican Catholic” Nightmare, with the presumed intention of “outing” my “dirty secrets”. Interestingly, he has got his facts wrong, and I am not the one to enlighten him with the facts as I experienced them. He got some juicy bits about an independent bishop in France, a fraud, whom he presumes to be “good” for the simple reason that I opposed him.

All this kind of thing is very bad for any kind of spiritual life. I leave Mr Bruce to wallow in the excrement he is hurling up onto his blog. I have nothing to hide, since I have always been clear and truthful with my Bishop, who by the way is respected by his Metropolitan and brother bishops in the ACC, and locally by ordinary people where he lives. Bruce has pushed me to be tempted to hate him and wish him evil, but I have found myself praying for him at Mass and at other odd moments of the day.

Let this man go his way, a way of suffering and purgation without which his religion will mean nothing. May God’s will be done!

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2 Responses to Infra Dignitatem

  1. warwickensis says:

    Mrs Bruce reminds me very much of the King of Pointland from Edwin A Abbot’s Flatland. He is satisfied with the universe of his own making.

    Of course, in commenting here, I am automatically a crackpot in his eyes. Perhaps one day he will actually answer the arguments you present rather than attempt to dismiss them by discrediting you. At least you have tried to engage with this man. Mrs Bruce has rendered himself untouchable. Indeed, may his God go with him.

    • I’m entirely through with this unreasoning and bigoted person, who would be a perfect apologia for atheism. His religion is indeed a sickness in the terms of Richard Dawkins. I have known it for a while, but I thought it useful to play him out to the limit so that he shows the world that his opinions are worth nothing.

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