The Blue Flower is here!

I have just finalised the first issue of The Blue Flower.

It can be obtained in pdf format through the The Blue Flower page or


You can then print it out as you wish.

After a general editorial giving the tone of the journal and this issue, there are three articles, two on medievalism as an expression of Sehnsucht, and an excellent article by Fr Jonathan Munn showing the thought and work of Novalis (Friedrich von Hardenberg) as a mathematician. I was never much good at mathematics myself at school, but it is an essential science with its own symbolism and mystical meaning. Music is a form of mathematics as are the calculations we need for our everyday lives, our occupations and things like designing complex objects and finding our way around at sea. The basis of our mathematical knowledge goes back to the ancient Greeks like Pythagoras and Euclid. I welcome this perspective to complement medievalism, the Oxford Movement and cultural expression in art and poetry.

These are small beginnings and everything has to be built up from scratch. I am thankful for the technology that allows any kind of publishing without the expense of a gamble. My site statistics page will inform me about the number of times it has been downloaded, and will provide information for a paper version in the fulness of time.

Feedback is going to be essential as will be finding new contributors for the next issue for the Winter Solstice and Christmas 2018. Please contact me by e-mail or by comment to this posting.

* * *

According to my site statistics page, this file has been downloaded 77 times in the space of less than 24 hours. I am encouraged!

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7 Responses to The Blue Flower is here!

  1. Robert Stevens says:

    Good to read about Dr Winch.
    Not sure if his papers went to Magdalen College, it was moneys from his estate which were to go to a fund for bursaries for boys to attend private schools, and his executor decided on the boys school at Magdalene I suspect; Ray always liked the way the boys from the choir school just trooped over Magadelen Bridge in a riotous fashion whereas the ones at the Cathedral School were very well behaved.

    I did rescue Ray’s Breviaries and a folder of papers which I am trying to locate but everything else was just taken away in a house clearance I suspect. I was living at Essex Road in early 2001 for a few days a week whilst the house was on the market. I did look through his old books and papers but don’t think there was anything which could have formed an archive; it was all too haphazard and of course incipherable

    Mark Geddes who lived in Preston, an old pupil of his,was the Executor who dealt with everything; and old pupil of Ray’s; cannot find his contact details; perhaps a reader here knows it?

  2. Robert Stevens says:

    Regarding footnotes; this may help

    When i used MS Word; there was a box which you ticked saying something like ‘start again at xx’ but that was several versions ago. Just a question of hunting for it.

  3. Robert Stevens says:

    One correction; the Patriarchate of Glastonbury (or Metropolis of Glastonbury now) left the Copts in 2015

  4. David Llewellyn Dodds says:

    Thank you for all your work on this labour of love! It looks good, and I’ve started enjoyably nibbling my way through… I thought I was ‘reading it online’, and don’t know how that does or doesn’t figure in the stats.

  5. chriscontramundum says:

    Thank you Father! I sent my Rector the link!

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