That Which Remaineth

My Blue Flower contributor Dr Timothy Graham has been running his own blog That Which Remaineth for some time, in fact for five years. For some reason, I have neglected to bring attention to it on this blog apart from a sidebar link. Dr Graham has always set out to discuss the ideals of Anglo Catholicism (he is a layman in the Ordinariate), his love of books and reading, and above all his passion for philosophy and the Romantic world view. I also warmly recommend his article The First Signs of Freedom in the current issue of The Blue Flower centred on William Morris’s Art and Labour.

We spent time together last April and went to the famous conference in Oxford in that lovely Bodley church of St John the Evangelist. There was so much to talk about in too little time! Apart from philosophy, I was astounded to discover such a beautiful and unspoiled part of Surrey – so near London! My mother was a native of that county.

How refreshing it is to discover a world of quiet and reflective people, and surely with others who will also write articles for The Blue Flower! This journal is a modest beginning, and I hope in time that we will have get-togethers where we can sing or recite the Office together and share our deepest aspirations.

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3 Responses to That Which Remaineth

  1. T Graham says:

    Fr A – I more or less stopped writing the blog 2016/17 though. I admire your pertinacity! Thanks for the mention. T.

    • I am very glad you got back to the blog. We need things of quality and depth to offset the political and sectarian polemics. I sometimes give a sop to Facebook, but I keep on with my blog and now the Blue Flower. We’ll get on with some of the things we discussed by e-mail…

  2. Raúl Miguel says:

    The first issue of the Magazine is very interesting. I downloaded it and recommended it to my students. Sincerely it is appreciable that someone puts a disposition, not only good academic literature, but also, it is easy and easy to locate. My congratulations from Argentina

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