British in France

I didn’t find my name on any of the t-shirt photos. It was perhaps written on this banner:

Whichever, my insignificant voice is unimportant. It is impressive to turn the real and virtual turnout of British people living in France – still uncertain about our future even when we get residence cards.

Strangely, I have a soft spot for Theresa May, who must have gone through incredible suffering due to the abuse she has received, including suggestions that she should be stabbed with a knife or that she should bring her own hanging rope! To what depths our political establishment has fallen! I believe she has done all she could for her country and for us the disenfranchised diaspora, by taking negotiations as far as they could go within the limits she felt binding on her. As the hounds rush in for the kill, maybe she could find a way to press the “kill” button and the whole nightmare would go away.

Not all my readers are British or English, but they could pray for us, for the future of our civilisation, and that darkness may not descend as it did in 1933.

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5 Responses to British in France

  1. David Llewellyn Dodds says:

    “Within the limits she felt binding on her” – ay, there’s the rub. She should never have been entrusted with this job – or, indeed, with any further office after her appalling performance as Home Secretary.

    “Maybe she could find a way to press the ‘kill’ button and the whole nightmare would go away” – the more I think about it, the likelier it seems this is intended as the ‘carrot’ part of her project, where the ‘stick’ is “taking negotiations as far as they could go within the limits she felt binding on her” to produce something even worse than the previous/current form of EU membership.

    • I was trying to be kind, but everything I hear about her is that she is incompetent as a politician. The two most serious risks are the extreme right of the Tory party and Corbyn. If no-deal is all there is on offer, then the only alternative is killing Brexit by rescinding Article 50. That can be done by Parliament without a people’s vote. We will all feast on Champagne, and I will be going down to the Dordogne to meet some of those plucky people!

  2. Rubricarius says:

    I must say I actually felt some sympathy with the Prime Minister today. I do not like her particularly and would agree with David that her performance as Home Secretary was abysmal. However, after seeing over the w/e how some of her back-benchers threatened her with physical butchery it highlighted to me the paucity and savagery of the rabid Brexiteers’ position. What was offered by the ‘Leave’ campaign was wishful thinking and cannot be achieved. I believe the only solution, if Brexit does go ahead, is our continuing membership of some form of customs union. If it makes the Brexiteers feel happier for Heaven’s sake call it something else like a ‘customs partnership’ to save face.

  3. David Marriott says:

    It does seem that the setting up of these ‘red line’ can be, effectually, the establishment of ‘stumbling blocks’ to any progress, both in the USA and in Britain. It may be that Mrs. May could make some positive progress were she to abandon the red-lines in her current situation. Whether that was to lead to the customs union for a time, or a second referendum would remain to be seen. Or is the time for all this too late?

    • I’m no expert, but if there were a solution, it would already have been agreed between the British Government and the EU. Going by what I have been reading, the only solutions are:
      – Stop Brexit by means of a People’s Vote or a Parliamentary Vote reflecting the influence the people presently have on the MP’s by demonstrations, letters, lobbying, etc.
      – Relinquish Northern Ireland leaving citizens with the option of applying for Irish nationality, living there as British expatriates or moving to the UK,
      – A no-deal Brexit with all the consequences.

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