Pan European Citizens Solidarity

This is an exciting new development: Pan European Citizens Solidarity (PECS). We the British diaspora are being supported by European lawyers, academics and politicians. It all seems embryonic at present, but it is most promising. The initiative seeks support Europe-wide to turn the British ship around. A tug boat will come in handy when the ship’s rudder is blocked, if you see the analogy.

It is interesting to note that according to a French legal expert, there are several irregularities with the UK’s present trajectory to catastrophe:

– Britons abroad for more than 15 years were deprived from taking part in the referendum, as were Britons resident in certain British overseas territories and prisoners

– Election campaign funding irregularities by the Leave campaign

– No reference in the referendum campaign to the UK leaving the Euratom treaty (which is now being imposed by the government)

–  PECS argues that the referendum was legally-speaking of an advisory nature and the UK Parliament never explicitly voted to leave on its own sovereign authority.

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  1. David Llewellyn Dodds says:

    More welcome would be pan-European citizen solidarity interested in getting their own respective governments to behave as – sensibly. humanely, courteously – as, e.g., the French and Spanish governments seem to be doing in various respects, to see that the perfectly proper possibility of the UK (or any other nation? – or had the UK quite a unique arrangement in this respect?) leaving was worked out amicably and well. But perhaps this also already falls under the aspirations and goals of this PECS in one way or another?

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