I fell asleep and had a dream….

Actually I read this Independent article – Voting down the Brexit deal could lead to the Queen forming a new government of Remainers – here’s how

The idea is that if Mrs May’s deal gets voted down in Parliament, the Queen would spare her country the perils of the no-deal Brexit. She would form a coalition government and have it work for the common good and not for the sake of political parties knocking spots off each other. This journalist seems to think it would be possible.

The fledgling administration would then seek to achieve a majority for a confidence vote. Its platform on Brexit would be to pause Article 50, while it ran a second referendum on the choice between Remain and a hard Brexit. On the basis of previous statements, the EU would willingly grant a postponement for this purpose.

But resolving the Brexit imbroglio in this way would not be the only prize. A coalition of the centre would have been created in government. It could then constitute itself as a new party. Once the European issue had been sorted, it could seek the authority of a general election to reshape British politics for a generation, rejecting both extremes, and based on a free market economy but not a free market society, combining responsible capitalism with social justice.

The electorate could then make a positive choice, rather than voting either Conservative or Labour because of the deficiencies of the other.

Crises beget opportunities. This is a big crisis, and an even bigger opportunity.

Once again, national unity could be brought back to my blighted native country, and freedom of movement for both British and continental Europeans would survive the bungled stupidity. Maybe this would be Her Majesty’s swansong and greatest gift to us her loyal subjects…

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